Court your new fiancée or bride on the vineyard hills at sunset.

Do you want her?

Take her into a wagon, a chariot, and a Pinzgauer!

In Vino Veritas and it gives courage to the Groom

We will provide: a priest, violin music, and a lot of wine and grape elixir, exclusive vineyards wedding space

Price: 599 euro, capacity four/eight people, duration 3 hours


  • Romantika ešte existuje

Svadba na kolesách vo viniciach

Chceš ju?

Zober ju do voza, do koča a do Pinzgauera!

In Vino veritas

Zabezpečíme: farára, husle,víno, slávnostnú atmosféru

Cena : 599 euro, kapacita od 4 do 8 ľudí, trvanie 2-3h