Preparedness and prevention​

Our client-oriented services are aimed at preparing response strategies to handle demanding socio-climatic disturbances in case of disaster and emergency hazards. We offer a range of services that include:
  • Disaster risk assessment of possible forms of threats
  • Risk analysis and emergency plans, strategies, and policies for regional, cross-border, and transnational cooperation
  • Analytical tools for disaster prevention and increasing community resilience
  • Consultations in the field of hybrid threats and climate change for self-government bodies and private entities
  • Cooperation, support, and advice in matters of civil protection
  • Data aggregation and analyses about protected assets to implement risk management plans
  • Training for crisis managers, rescuers, auxiliary forces, schools, seniors, the public, and professional workers Exercises and simulations to increase training and competencies.
To increase internal capacity and knowledge about crisis communication, mayors and first responders can use our interactive tools. We analyse climate-induced events and offer hands-on training for crisis managers, first responders, and municipal level crisis managers who need an introduction to specific aspects of online climate monitoring tools. Our system enables the proper distribution of resources, equipment, and capacities needed to handle any natural or cascading disaster while monitoring their impacts. Using interactive products, first responders and mayors can increase their knowledge about civil protection and the disaster scene while designing measures, policies, and strategies to reduce relevant natural disasters/hazards. Our aim is to improve policies and financial instruments designed to develop capacity and analytical tools for disaster prevention and increase community resilience.