A Virtual Center for Rescue Services

A virtual centre for the assistance of the Fire and Rescue Service was established in the Czech Republic. The centre is virtually based on tvhasici.cz. It aims to also support the citizens in actively managing the current situation and overcome the most difficult moments. A focus is given to COVID-19 support of experts from psychology, population protection, and medical sectors.

The website was created at the Government Council for Mental Health initiative, which proposed the involvement of the psychological service of the Fire and Rescue Service of the Czech Republic in the psychological support of the general population.

“Although the tvhasici.cz project is currently focused on the most current topic – tackling the covid-19 epidemic. The teams will enhance the information covering a wide range of security threats and life situations, all to fulfil our long-term efforts, which is to increase preparedness and strengthen citizens’ resilience, ” adds František Paulus, director of the Institute for the Protection of the Population.
The virtual assistance centre’s deployment enables a broader human-centred approach in disaster management and protection of the population.