Case Studies Benchmarking

Sharing Good Practices and Lessons Learned

Case Study Benchmarking

In support, this document describes a benchmarking method for assessing previous emergencies at home and abroad. As a result, we can evaluate each step of the emergency cycle and evaluate how our system would behave in a similar situation and draw conclusions and make recommendations on what should be changed or developed/enhanced.

The basic philosophy of resilience leads to CRISPRO case study benchmarking: The ability of an individual, a household, a community, a country or a region to prepare for, to withstand, to adapt, and to quickly recover from stresses and shocks without compromising long-term development prospects. We would like to contribute to developing a new approach for building resilience. Notwithstanding, CRISPRO benchmarking weight up the resilience-centred concept as an opportunity to bring together political dialogue, humanitarian and land use or urban development work and priorities in a comprehensive, coherent and effective approach to achieve better results on the ground.