CiProVoT online course

A Trans-national training course CiProVoT offering three modules for Civil Protection Volunteers, is hosted by CRISPRO.

The development of disaster prevention and awareness in the Civil Protection is closely linked to the ability to draw in the experiences and learning of this daily work as well as using daily operation in non-disaster situations to create networks with and broader awareness among other key stakeholders and the public on risk-management, disaster prevention and preparedness.


The Civil Protection Volunteer Course is an online multinational training programme that aims to provide you with technical skills. It ables you to share experiences and create networks with other experts in disaster prevention.

The first module is about national hazards and disaster risk reduction. The second is focused on crisis management, and the third unwraps opportunities for using ICT in disaster resilience and risk management.

Each training module is developed into subunits consisting of four hours of study. At the end of the training course, you will identify the global and regional type of hazards, identify and understand the impacts causing the various hazards in Europe, understand the disaster risk reduction concepts and develop your conceptual frameworks. Finally, you will be able to identify disaster risk reduction strategies and operational planning.

You can start your training by registering on the online course platform.

CiProVoT-Civil Protection Volunteers Training

CiProVot Course Presentation
Introduction: Natural Hazard and Disaster Risk Reduction
Module 1. Natural Hazard and Disaster Risk Reduction
Module 2. Emergency planning
Module 3. ICT for Disaster Risk Reduction Activities