Combined Threats of the Natural Hazards and Smart Systems

82% of the survey responders consider most emerging trends of combined threats related to the natural disasters and disruption of the critical infrastructure, reports the security and safety policy expert Mrs Galya Terzieva from the International Security and Emergency Management Institute (Slovakia). 

Health threats and non-linear connectivity with natural disasters are placed in the second position with 68% of the answers. Biological threats(including also pandemics) are part of combined hazards. Either public or social disorder refers to any form of public violation like terrorism or extremism in 15% of selected choices; however, according to respondents, in 36% of cases, the natural events are causing biological and health emergencies. On exploring the most frequent agents causing disasters, 73% of the responses mentioned extraordinary natural events. Actors ranked the smartening the social system, CBRN and cyber drivers of disasters and emergencies are counted on average between 26 and 36% of the answers.