International Security and Emergency Management Institute

The organisation is a professional platform of former and/or active police, military and national security officers, and civil protection and crisis management experts with relevant experience in CBRN-E threats and environmental disasters. ISEMI has deep and comprehensive intelligence analysis, defence policy, critical infrastructure protection, countering hybrid threats, rescue and emergency assistance.

ISEMI: International Security and Emergency Management Institute (ISEMI) is a non-profit organisation providing generally beneficial services registered within the Registry of the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic. The mission of ISEMI is to contribute to greater security and protection of the population within the different regions of Europe. The organisation acts in a very close relationship with the LEA national and international end-users of the security and defence technologies, training activities and strategies. The main types of provided services in the area of international security and emergency management are:

  • Technical assistance in tracing missing persons and victims of crime.
  • Continuing education in the field of security, intelligence and emergency management (developing of training contents and tools, implementation of the training, exercises, seminars, foreign internships, workshops, conferences, etc.);
  • Promotion of international police, intelligence and crisis management cooperation and the creation of networks;
  • Raising public awareness related to security and emergency/crisis management (media events, internet education, publications, production and distribution of films, etc.);
  • Professional thematic consulting (consultations, risk assessment, thematic studies, audits, analyses, concepts, programmes, the setting of process management;
  • Implementation of the research and development of innovative products related to international security and emergency/crisis management (electronic services, application, etc.);
  • Providing supporting security and rescue mission for international institutions, organisations and citizens in crises situation located abroad out of their home.
  • Expert help for the activities of the security forces in providing security during major political, sporting, cultural and civic events;