Assessment Tool

CRISPRO partners mapped and studied the most frequent type of disasters in Europe. We assumed that we have to focus on how the functions of the societies are affected by natural or man-made disasters. In addition, our communities are exposed to a combination of threats and hazards related to health, supply and large mobility of displaced people to Europe.

Today, scientists offer robust knowledgeable systems for assessment of the risks. We capitalised on them yet consider the crisis management approach of any crisis manager who needs to react flexibly, fast and concisely when a disaster comes. We asked crisis managers, first responders, and rescuers what is most important for being prepared to take effective solutions.

An answer is a simple approach to threats and capacities, giving the crisis managers the opportunity to value and compare the impact of disasters on defined areas, communities, and vulnerable groups against the capacity to mitigate the life tolls, losses and irreversible recovery of the destroyed area.

CRISPRO partners developed an online tool to serve each crisis manager or organisation dealing with the planning, mitigating risks and implementing measures to reduce the negative effects.

CRISPRO e-tool is an online tool available at the address, The tool provides open data to all users and is a self-learning tool.