ANYWHERE Tools and AnyCaRE Role-Play Game

ANYWHERE tools enable society as a whole and the main civil protection agencies to respond more rapidly than today to extreme climate and weather events and better cope with the high social, environmental, and economic impacts of these extremes.
ANYWHERE established a pan-European platform on the identification of extreme climate risks in a number of geographic regions. It refers to critical situations that could lead to loss of life and economic damages. Such early warning should improve protection measures and facilitate the coordination of rescue operations in case of catastrophic situations.
The platform serves as a decision-making tool for various authorities when faced with a situation of crisis. It provides state-of-the-art early warning systems to help exposed populations avert disaster.
ANYCaRE (ANYWHERE Crisis and Risk Experiment) is a role-playing game specially designed to investigate crisis decision-making associated with weather-related risks in Europe. Specifically, it allows analysing “if “and “how” the tools to raise self-preparedness and self-protection resulting from the ANYWHERE project can support the decision chain in warning systems towards better response.
The game simulates the dynamics of the warning and response processes, starting with detecting a potential weather-related threat and ending with decisions related to the coordination of the emergency response.
Participants are invited to play specific roles in the warning and decision chain to decide about emergency actions to be taken in response to a weather-induced hazard in a European context. The roles to be adopted (hydro-meteorologists, municipality, road services, first responders, school services) and the potential decisions/actions to be chosen by the players are pre-defined. The players examine weather forecast data and impact-based vulnerability information, interact with others and debate on relevant emergency measures and decide collectively what protective actions, if any, are needed.

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