Bulgarian Defence Institute

The Bulgarian Defence Institute is established by a decree of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria as the main scientific research, testing-design and expert-technical structure at the Bulgarian Ministry Defence.

The main areas of activities

  • Scientific and applied research, development and experimental design activities in the sphere of Armaments, C4I Systems, Military Technologies, Logistics, Equipment and Materials; Human Factors in Defence Organisations; Support to the Analysis of the situation of the Armaments, C4I Systems, and Military Technologies, Logistic Equipment and materials and working out of perspectives of their development; Support to the Integrated Project Teams through taking part in the preparation, scientific monitoring and complete implementation of the defence programs and projects;
  • Reproduction of scientific personnel through education in doctoral programs, their development and creation of scientific-technical for needs of the Defence System; Support of the activities of the Armaments Council and the Defence Capabilities Council of the Bulgarian MoD; Cooperation in the sphere of research, development, testing and certification of the defence products in the frameworks of NATO, the European Union, as well as on bilateral basis and in national aspect; Working out technical specifications and expertise, programs and methods for testing, as well as standardisation and other documents, related with the acquisition of defence products; Preparation and performance of laboratory, functional, acquisition, field and another testing of armaments, C4I systems, Military techniques, Logistic equipment and materials;
  • Providing Certification of Quality Management Systems by NATO Standards, guaranteeing the quality and assessment of the compliance during the acquisition of defence products; Ensuring of air safety and flying suitability of the military aerial vehicles, as well as of the aerial vehicles of the Ministry of the Interior; Coordination of the national contribution to NATO Science and Technology Organization and the European Defence Agency.