Consultations on the CRISPRO risk assessment tool

Capacities vs vulnerability are two ground functionalities promoted by the online risk assessment tool of the CRISPRO team. Consultations from Ferrol (4-5 February and 17-18 March) were followed by a webinar with the Czech partners of the initiative (21.3.2022). A group fo young ciris managers discussed the importance of thorough analyse sof vulnerability and evaluation of mathcing capaicties for ensuring greater security and safety of communities and vital societal functionalities.

Essential points of the assessment tool are

  • to sress on the interdependency of modern therats,
  • to focus on the need for economic and societal efficiency,
  • to promote adoption to changing nature of communication means,
  • to examine the challenges in the contex of community response practices
  • to stress on the high impact of the eventd driving system adaptations,
  • tpo link the system adapnations to policical and economic provsions,
  • to determine changes in structural and non-structural measures.

The upgraded version of the etool will be available for working parties of the project by end of April, though we are planning a public launchj of the tool for across municipal crisis managers by end of June 2022.

In case of ineterst to participate the offline e-tool consultations in Savona in June 2022, please contact us on