The Civil Protection Knowledge Partnership Platform – the Middle East will bridge the knowledge holders relevant to disaster management actors and enhance coordination, cooperation, compatibility, and complementarity between capacities and experts’ competence. We are facilitating the cooperation between civil protection actors and humanitarian aid providers. 

The initiative’s ambition is to collect and share knowledge, experience, expertise, skills, competence, lessons learned, and best practices in close cooperation with civil protection and disaster management authorities and knowledge holders from the public and private sector. We aim to stimulate research and innovation and a shared understanding of prevention, preparedness and response.

The project will result in a new and consolidated existing partnership in civil protection and disaster risk management in the Middle East, enhancing the cooperation and synergies in prevention, preparedness, and response. Disaster Risk Management actors of the Middle East will connect with counterparts inside the European Union. Also, the partners will strengthen the cooperation between civil protection and the humanitarian community following the role model of the International Humanitarian Partnership.

The partners will consider scenario-based approaches. Civil protection and disaster risk management actors come together and team up to exchange good practices, knowledge and expertise under specific disaster scenarios.

The project will identify and strengthen existing relevant civil protection and disaster risk management actors and facilitate the establishment and expansion of new partnerships in the Middle East. Moreover, the project will explore synergies between civil protection and

humanitarian aid based on a “cross-fertilization” approach

in the following countries of the Southern Neighborhood: Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Palestine; 

Jointly partners from the participating countries will identify common priorities of both disaster risk management and humanitarian actions. Data collection and knowledge sharing, expertise and skills and consolidated scientific evidence through cooperation, partnership, and networking will be valued into a virtual platform for information exchange and knowledge sharing. 

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