Multiple Emergency in Lebanon: Looking for Mitigation Solutions

Dear Friends and Colleagues
While we are used to working on project opportunities and webinars, today, we call for smart ideas and knowledge in support of our Lebanese partner - the first responders’ ambulant centre of the Development Association for Life and Peace, D.L.P. Association in the Aanout, Chouf district.
Following our common endeavour to improve communities’ quality, we can challenge together one real case: Lebanon’s devastating situation. 
We welcome any proposal for collecting various material equipment/tools and medical supplies for the first responders’ ambulant centre D.L.P. Association in the Aanout, Chouf, Lebanon. The cash-strapped country has been without a full-fledged government for more than eight months, and riots burst in the streets of Lebanese communities. Moreover, people in remote regions are left without healthcare services, and poverty is rising due to a deep economic crisis compounded with COVID-19.
Should you know how to mobilise knowledge and networks for delivery emergency support of medical supply and medicaments to Lebanon, please share with us. 
We can ensure tents, folding beds, blankets, and launch negotiations for air transportation services.
Any of you can contact the Lebanese association directly
How to contribute
•          Propose an idea for raising attention to urgent emergency support to Lebanon
•          Declare an ability to donate equipment, medical supply, medicaments, etc. related
•          Propose logistic solutions
•          Propose a global crowdfunding technology/solution that can be launch ASAP
•          Help with an international communication campaign
•          Network with your national/governmental institutions and ask for any official aid /humanitarian support
•          Propose how to connect all native Lebanese partners if you are communicating with grassroots organisations
We are looking forward to your smart and human intact ideas and technological solutions.