Valkyries Disaster Relief Methodology

A methodology for tracking and analysing the needs for standardisation and certification harmonisation will be defined and enforced by 17 partners of the VALKYRIES project financed by H2020. The new approach will allow the early identification of issues related to the conceptualisation, design, implementation, integration, and deployment of the EU disaster resiliency tools. A complete consultation strategy will facilitate the tool to the different stakeholders expected to act at each capability development `phase, ranging from providers to end-users.

VALKYRIES initiative will develop, integrate and demonstrate capabilities for enabling immediate and coordinated emergency response, including search and rescue, security and health, in scenarios of natural/provoked catastrophes with multiple victims, with special application in cases in which several regions or countries are affected and hence greater interoperability being required. H2020-VALKYRIES will propose both the design and development of a modular, interoperable, scalable and secure platform, which will allow the integration between legacy solutions and new technologies. The platform will deploy services and dynamically adapt its behaviour, as the emergency requires it.

The tool will be designed and proved through use cases and demonstrators emphasising cross-frontier and cross-sectorial BLOS (Beyond Line of Sight) scenarios.