Virtual Control Room (VCR)

The Virtual Control Room (VCR) established in International Hellenic University (IHU) is one of the most complete and modern VCR all over Europe. The VCR of IHU has been funded by the Administrative Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace in Northern Greece. It specializes in the fundamental and advanced training of students and professionals on control room operations and emergency responses during technological or natech accidents. 

Most of the scenarios examined in the VCR are not hypothetical or fiction products, but rather the result of long-term interviews with industry executives, field operators and control room operators in order to reproduce accurately, efficiently and effectively near-misses, dangerous incidents and accidents. This is particularly beneficial to the trainees for getting well acquainted with what-if fact-scenarios of our developed comprehensive database, and coping with difficult circumstances, often more difficult than they actually were. To that end, trainees have the opportunity to test and understand their limits in a highly secure environment; and on the other hand the industrial executives to be informed about the suitability and readiness of their staff. 

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